Super Circle Deluxe

4.6 ( 1446 ratings )
Oyunlar Bulmaca Eğlence Strateji
Geliştirici: Cameron DeGeorge

Controlling the white sphere (using the accelerometer), the player must exchange energy with the colored spheres by touching them. The energy level of a sphere is indicated by its number, and if the energy reaches 0, that sphere will be destroyed. Each color of sphere behaves differently, so the correct order of energy exchanges must be figured out in order to solve each level.

ORANGE: You will get +1 energy. Orange will lose -1 energy
RED: You will lose -1 energy. Red will lose -2 energy
GREEN: You will lose -1 energy. Green will lose -1 energy
BLUE: You will lose -2 energy. Blue will lose -1 energy